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Tax, and financial and economic area

We help you reduce and anticipate your tax burden based on an analysis of your company’s operations. We monitor your activity and offer you advice and recommendations based on our years of experience and on the most up-to-date regulations. In other words, everything you need to ensure that your company moves boldly into the future.

We provide an efficient response to all your economic concerns:

  • Comprehensive management of tax and accounting activity
  • Analysis and control of costs, estimates and strategies
  • Tax and estate planning
  • Appeals, challenges, claims and inspections.
  • Financial plans for businesses and startups
  • Compliance with commercial code and non-profit entities obligations.

Start of activity area - Business StartUp area

We advise and work with you on everything related to legal, tax and administrative matters so that you can focus your energies exclusively on your new project.

  • Study of legal status and tax regime.
  • Development and analysis: Due Diligence and compliance of your activity.
  • Powers-of-attorney and authorizations, obtaining digital certificate.
  • Licenses, permits and authorizations.
  • Notary and registry services, notarization of agreements and deals.
  • Consultancy and accompaniment, project development.

Labor and human resources area

We are at your side to advise you when making strategic decisions about your company and to handle everything related to the management of Human Resources. Our goal is for you to be able to focus your efforts exclusively on making your business grow.


  • Specialties and characteristics, RETA (Special Scheme for Freelance Workers) membership
  • Hiring, contributions, membership and continuous management.
  • Pay slips, settlements and compensations.
  • Pensions, benefits, disability and temporary disability/accidents at work/occupational illness processes.
  • Monitoring obligations regarding Risk Prevention, General Data Protection Regulation and training.
  • Transactional agreements, conciliations and defense and legal advice.

Judicial and legal area

We advise you and devise customized solutions that provide a legal response to the matter you need resolved. Defending your interests is our priority. And we are able to do this thanks to a multifaceted team trained in the different areas of the law and under a single legal direction. Main areas:


  • Civil, family, immigration, corporate, commercial, bankruptcy and administrative law.
  • Asset restructuring and estate planning.
  • Design and structuring of holdings
  • Real estate law, selection of opportunities and investments.


Audit and economic, financial, and estate consulting area

This area turns weaknesses into opportunities, advice into action and manages risks properly. We help you solve problems, organize yourself efficiently and plan your actions based on up-to-date and accurate information. We stand by your side and contribute value to optimize your business operation.


  • Analysis and study of processes and systems.
  • Creation and implementation of ad-hoc improvements.
  • Consulting and coaching of teams and senior management.
  • Continuous training.

International desk, growth and internatonal business area

Do you want to grow your business? Optimize your options? Expand your area of operations? Move to another country? We study different options and opportunities, analyze strategies and risks and create a customized plan focused on generating growth. Our international team of partners and collaborators will be responsible for making this possible


  • Business expansion strategies.
  • Franchise as business model.
  • Internationalization of your business
  • Arrangements and paperwork. Relocation, international transfer of address.
  • Identifying opportunities and strategic partners.


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Do you need to manage a specific matter or require professional advice in legal or asset matters? Do you need help explaining your taxes, or finding job counseling, or someone to defend your legal interests? Leave it to us. We’re here so you don’t have to worry about solving the problem all on your own.


  • Asset and project management (property or professional).
  • Management and processing of deeds.
  • Legal defense.
  • Family and private consultations.
  • Job counseling.
  • Application and processing of pensions and benefits.
  • Tax planning and payment.

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